4th of July aftermath

So I don't usually celebrate the 4th of July, just never got into it, which is a shame because it can actually be quite fun! Last year, I went with my family and boyfriend on a cruise and that was actually such a great way to celebrate. Drinking with people you love... obnoxiously blowing horns... fireworks in the stars above the bay... champagne and city lights in the darkness... it was pretty special. But this year, it was spent with friends and new faces in a very patriotic town I just so newly discovered..

Highlight of the night

: Specially made authentic mexican food. A lot of it. Freshly made corn tortillas, tender carne asada, fresh guacamole, and tons of pastries. Also the margarita machine was quite handy.

All of this was at our house. Overall a great night, the adults playing poker while the younger group taking shots and watching funny youtube videos.

Anyway, taking it slow on the blog lately. Concentrating on photography and really getting it down. Less posts but better quality coming up :) As for these photos... just wanted to post some random ones I thought were either funny or interesting or both.